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4 years ago#21
Tales of Graces f
Lost Odyssey
4 years ago#22
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I love this game. It's been in my backlog so long and I really should've played it much sooner, especially since I like cyberpunk stories. I finally started it after rewatching Bubblegum Crisis 2040 and I've been playing it for days and days.
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4 years ago#23
Halo ce-a

Fun trip down memory lane.
Catching up before I play halo 4
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4 years ago#24
DMC - 9/10
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4 years ago#25


Looks amazing, battles are fun, story is epic and cheesy as heck, but exactly what I was expecting. Game plays well and there seems to be a lot of depth to the characters and the combat.
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4 years ago#26
Xcom enemy unknown 9.0

Randomly spawning enemies keep this game from being a 10.
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4 years ago#27
Halo 4 = 10/10 Great single player, great multiplayer.
It is my opinion that Halo is the best thing to hit gaming since the creation of games itself.
4 years ago#28
Bully: Scholorship edition 8/10
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4 years ago#29
Anarchy Reigns 8.5/10
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4 years ago#30

Can be really frustrating with aggravating controls, but it's still a rather charming game with fun gameplay.

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