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You Are now stuck in the the world of the last video game you played

#441TheBatman91Posted 1/22/2013 2:29:07 AM
TTT2 .

Time to find Anna!
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#442sockesockePosted 1/22/2013 2:38:49 AM
akaneiro demon hunters...yeah im pretty screwed lol.
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#443Yaboy125Posted 1/22/2013 2:40:52 AM
warcraft 3

hmmm... give me a few potm to roll with, we can take w/e you can throw at us
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#444JazzaAttyPosted 1/22/2013 3:33:52 AM
Secret of Mana

I've just been kicked out of my home, told to go save the world just because I was in the right place at the right time, oh, and, in a few weeks or so, I'm going to discover my mother is a ******* tree. Well, to be fair, the most important tree in the world.

Sure, I get tonnes of awesome stuff, become immune to falling damage, get a hot princess who can use healing magic on one side of me, and a funny as hell sprite who could level the world with his magic on the other, get to fly around on a god-damned dragon, and destroy a machine that mothers tell stories of to make their children behave, its that dangerous/powerful, but I'm not certain the benefits outweigh the negatives.
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#4458492nd_SquadronPosted 1/22/2013 3:45:46 AM
Monster Hunter...
#446greaterspherePosted 1/22/2013 3:54:24 AM
Pokemon Pearl... NICE
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#447OverburdenedPosted 1/22/2013 4:19:17 AM
Nearly filled the topic.
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#448chrishu311Posted 1/22/2013 4:22:32 AM
Bastion, huh? The kid looks around in disbelief.
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#449luthienCrossPosted 1/22/2013 4:28:06 AM
im pretty sure i last play World of Warcraft or League of Legends so either way im happy
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#450J2006Posted 1/22/2013 4:30:16 AM
Warriors Orochi 3, I'm so dead
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