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Cancelled Games You Wish Were Released

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3 years ago#91
Viewtiful Joe 3
This section left intentionally blank...well it used to be.
3 years ago#92
Timesplitters 4
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3 years ago#93
MegaMan Legends 3
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3 years ago#94
In addition to a lot of the responses already:

What, no Castlevania: Resurrection?
3 years ago#95
The rest of the Advent Rising trilogy.
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3 years ago#96
Retro Studio's Raven Blade
Super Mario 128
The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage
A new era
3 years ago#97
Peter Molyneux's B.C.: It was an original game concept and it sounded like it had a lot of potential. We don't see many games based on cavemen and I doubt companies are willing to risk that anymore.

Kameo 2: What makes the potential sequel even more disappointing is it got cancled just so we could have more Kinect games.......yeah, thanks M$ for giving us more Kinect garbage instead of a sequel to Rare's best title (and probably their only good title) of this generation.

Star Wars Battlefront 3: The first two were the best Star Wars games to date, where's the 3rd one? I know they've had problems with it but still, I want my Battlefront.

Dinosaur Planet: Sounded a lot better than Star Fox Adventures.
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3 years ago#98
- StarCraft: Ghost is my #1 most "wished for" cancelled title. It looked awesome... I enjoyed the novels, I enjoy Nova's presence in SCII, etc. I wish we had the game!

- Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans. I love the 90's "point and click" graphic adventures. Titles like Lucasarts' "The Secret Of Monkey Island", "The Dig", "Full Throttle", to Westwood's excellent "The Legend Of Kyrandia" series are some of the best games of that generation. Warcraft Adventures needed some work, but it was shaping up to be another classic that explored Thrall's younger days. At least we got the novel...

- Xenosaga Episodes IV-VI. Such a great series, cut short prematurely. So much potential and story possibilities lost!
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3 years ago#99
reverence27 posted...
The only reason I bought an XBOX.
Bought it 2 weeks before the game was supposed to be released based on Amazon preorder..
Still waiting on my game to arrive.

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3 years ago#100
Though this game wasn't cancelled, it will probably never come into fuition; a REAL sequel to the 2005 Area 51 game. That was like a underrated master piece by Midway Games Austin. Unfortunately that branch is defunct and I'm not sure where the licensing for the series is at now.
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