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How did you last die in a Video Game?

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3 years ago#81
Far Cry 3. Killed by a komodo dragon horde
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3 years ago#82
Bullet to the head in Crysis 3

Played PS3 version during downtime, so I cannot comment on Xbox. However, PS3's was impressive to me. Great graphics (nice and fluid), solid gameplay, and not much lag. There was glitching, but that's expected from a Beta...
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3 years ago#83
Creeper. Nuff said.
3 years ago#84
Let a dragon get too close to me in Skyrim and it chomped down on me.
3 years ago#85
Blood sacrifice to appease the slot machine gods in Borderlands 2.

It didn't work.
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3 years ago#86
Got careless with Tainted Blade active while fighting the demons and shades coming through while Avernus was dispelling his summoning circles in DAO, battle ended, but before the healing could kick in, the damage from Tainted Blade kicked in, and I was apparently at 10 HP or less.
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3 years ago#87
I got smacked in the face by a Thug in Dead Island. I had forgotten how fun that game is.
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3 years ago#88
Got hit by a car while chasing a perpetrator in LA Noire, was funny actually
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3 years ago#89
Meatshot by a scout in TF2
3 years ago#90
Something or another on the next-to-last floor in Torchlight. It was a mess, I suspect a caster got me.
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