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where do you put your video games?

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User Info: ironmaidenfan70

4 years ago#31
In my 360 so I can play them
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User Info: randomweirdo

4 years ago#32
I have a small bookcase just for games, and it is already full and doesn't even have all my games on it. Definitely need to get another one eventually.

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#33
They go straight to the pool room.

User Info: RycerX

4 years ago#34
All over the damn place. My most played titles go in a couple of stacks next to their respective consoles. Least played, past gen or finished games go on the shelves. Then I've got a bunch in my closet and a few in a big drawer. It's as organized as can be with the space I have to worth with. This is part of the reason I wouldn't mind going pure digital, not only switching between games on the fly, but I don't have the space for a dedicated gaming room.
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