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What games do you guys avoid?

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User Info: EnemyWithin88

4 years ago#1
I avoid all sports games like basketball football baseball soccer some hockey is alright here and there.

How about you guys?
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User Info: Jamanjax

4 years ago#2
Sports and buttonmashers.
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#3
None, I will give any game a chance, regardless of me not liking a genre.
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User Info: shagadelic

4 years ago#4
RTS, sports, racers, rhythm.

User Info: Res5

4 years ago#5
Not a single one. I will try any game once.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#6
Racing and most sports games... although I don't really mind football, hockey, and golf games... I just prefer to play those in real life rather than on a video game.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#7
Most sports. In all my years gaming, I've never had fun playing football or basketball in a videogame. I will play SSX or racing games, though.
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User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#8
RTS, probably the only genre I can't at least try to play. I just don't find it fun and I'm not very good at it. Guess I could never lead an army, oh well.
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#9
games that dont have gameplay and only need to point and click like RTS and JRPG
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User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#10
Dance games.

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