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How many are sticking to MS next gen?

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2 years ago#21
I wish they would all just buck up and just make one super console with NO exclusives. It would be far easier on the consumer.
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2 years ago#22
I have no brand loyalty but will definitely go Xbox if its like it is now. Love the UI
2 years ago#23
Probably just gonna buy a pc......
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2 years ago#24
I will not stick to any console until see some good games.
Wii U's monolith game looks promising, Rayman Legends and Zelda HD.
2 years ago#25
Exactly what vigorm0rtis said.
2 years ago#26
I already have the Wii U and I'm pretty sure I am going to stick with Microsoft over Sony this upcoming generation as well, but only time will tell.
2 years ago#27
Im not sure yet, i dont feel like paying for xboxlive anymore. I love the controller though. I might wait and see what the ouya or the steambox(hopeing it takes disc aswell) bring to the table. Im really curious to see if steam will still sell games at some of the good prices they do for users on the PC.
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2 years ago#28
Except for Kinect everything MS has done with their consoles has been pretty much what I have been looking for in gaming. More so then Sony, and definitely more so then Nintendo.

So chances are I'll "stick" with MS, though I end up getting all the consoles anyways.
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2 years ago#29
vigorm0rtis posted...
I always wait and see, it's about the games. I have no brand loyalty.

That said, I don't see why not.

I agree, it's wait & see as well, about the games, and not having brand loyalty, but for me, I think MS has shown more reasons not to stick with them over the past 3 years than they have showed me to stay.
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2 years ago#30
I shall do what I always do. Buy both 720 and PS4.
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  3. How many are sticking to MS next gen?

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