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I feel where I live is the biggest misstep against my switch to all digital.

#11Dragon NexusPosted 1/29/2013 6:33:17 PM
From: GGearX | #007
Cost of manufacturing disks= 0 Dolla
Digital copies will be 30 bucks at most.
Steam is an example.
You just got served. Deal with it.

you think just because it costs less to make that they'll lower the prices? You think publishers are that nice?

Of course they won't. They'll keep the games at the price consumers are willing to pay. Steam sells games at PC prices, which are about 10 below console prices if it's multiplat. That's the same price as if you bought it retail. And I'm talking new releases here, not something on their sales.

Besides, eliminating publication and distribution costs doesn't mean jack when you now have to factor in something like server maintenence costs and all that entails with building more up to date and faster servers and keeping them running.
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#12KillaBeAtPosted 1/29/2013 6:35:35 PM
I won't switch to digital until I either have some kind of incentive to do so, or I move somewhere far away from someplace where I can go to buy games.

I like having the physical copy, and bandwidth usage is going to become an increasingly huge issue as telecom companies continue to gouge the **** out of their customers. DD is not going to make that any easier.
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