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What is a good single player, non-violent game? Adventure/Platform

#31nilla151Posted 2/1/2013 7:33:20 PM
banjo-kazooie and banjo-tooie. everyone who has ever played video games must experience these two games. two of the most fun games of all time.
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#32Last VampirePosted 2/1/2013 8:41:33 PM
Get a copy of Psychonauts for the original Xbox. It works on 360 and it is a fantastic developer's (Tim Schafer) finest work, imo.

Tim Schafer is a more modern, Western Miyamoto. He just has a gift and a touch that very few other developers have.
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#33cutelilmurderer(Topic Creator)Posted 2/4/2013 6:25:29 AM
^Will do. The entirety of my Xbox life (I don't know if this is a flattering way to describe it...) I always heard rants and raves about Psychonauts. Also, we got Rayman Origins and me and the kid love it but the lady seems really agitated by it when she plays. Maybe too difficult for her, though she'll not admit it. We happened to see Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon and got that too and it's been a wonderful success. While it is a bit violent it's also really goofy and ridiculously easy, if not easier than the first one (which is one of my coveted games of all time) so we're hooked! We didn't get Enslaved only because our local shop didn't have it but hopefully someone on Craigslist will have it really cheap locally.

Again, thank you everyone for being so wonderfully supportive through this endeavor.
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