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Best video game robot?

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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#11
HK-47 was awesome.

User Info: Devil Wolf

Devil Wolf
4 years ago#12
i forgot about claptrap until after i voted
(message deleted)

User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#14
^ Spoiler!
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User Info: pakathecat

4 years ago#15
Travarkoth posted...
From: RycerX | Posted: 1/30/2013 2:43:10 PM | #006
No Claptrap?

Hahaha, forgot about Claptrap.

Haha, yeah, in the PS3 board thread I said that, though I voted KOS-MOS, I was really tempted to write in poor Claptrap.

User Info: RayzerTag

4 years ago#16
GLaDOS, by a long shot.
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User Info: CloakedNub

4 years ago#17
Voting for ClapTrap!

ZacTB posted...
Legion, his death scene in Mass Effect 3 is probably my favorite video game moment, so well written. Claptrap comes second.


User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#18

"Shutting down the optics, they can't see me."

"Am I leaking oil?"
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#19
How dare you not mention the stairs scene it was the single greatest thing ever.

But yeah legion all the way.

User Info: Res5

4 years ago#20
Other: Claptrap
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