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Dragon Dogma or Warhammer?

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3 years ago#11
Its tough to say TC. I enjoyed Warhammer. I also am a big Warhammer fan, I used to play table top a lot when I was younger, plus I play the relic versions of the game on PC a lot.

I found DD to be a very fun game too. Its kinda open wordish like Skyrim, but smaller, and it has fun combat. DD can be a bit slow places sometimes because there is no fast travel for a while, and there is a ton of back tracking across the land, especially if your a completetionist doing all the side quests. To me this is almost a deal breaker. I don't want as much fast travel as Skyrim, but DD could have used a bit more ealier in the game. I just got bored going back and forth after a while. Later in the game you do get ferrystones which let you wrap to the capital city, but they are one time use and can be expensive.

One thing in Dark Arisen if you will get unlimted Ferry stones. For me, if I could travel to my objective, enjoy a fun dungeon or fight, and then teleport back, thats a lot more fun for me cause its just real tedious after a while for me.

Now if something like that doesnt bother you then maybe go ahead. And if moneys not a big deal, you could buy DD now, enjoy it and then buy the better version too if you like to replay games. Theres a lot to do in tihs game, there are a few areas that are possible to miss entirely on your first play through depending on how you complete smoe earlier quests.

Plus with the whole pawn renting thing, there will be probably be a lot of new players, maybe other players starting new character so there will be a lot of people around to use your pawn while he or she is low levle.
3 years ago#12
DieMyBride posted...
pothocket posted...
Wait, why wouldn't they put DLC in the marketplace? That makes no sense.

According to Capcom it's too big. Which I find is BS because the game is 7+gb on its own for 360, which as i recall the highest the discs go for 360 anyway. This is Capcom at their finest when it comes to marketing.

Basically what I read is, Capcom was never expecting this game to be as successful as it was. the original game was not designed to incorporate a expac. All the code was closed up. Theres actually an interview about it with one of the capcom guys. If you bought the original game and all the DLC it does kinda suck.

But if you havent bought any DLC at all, its a great deal if you wanna replay the game or just never had it.
3 years ago#13
Get warhammer, you'd be pissing away money getting DD now, just wait it out and get DD after the new version so you can enjoy warhammer and DD down the line for some nice quality gaming by playing both. Ranka-Macross Frontier
3 years ago#14
Yeah, the whole "no DLC" thing kinda threw the DD plans out the window.

I did pick up Warhammer (no instructions *sad*) and preorder Biosock and Aliens. All for less than $20.
well I am not like your dad. I worked as a chef at TGIF-Mattson
3 years ago#15
Played about 2 hours of Warhammer last night. Had fun. I'm kinda liking it, so far, more than Gears 1&2.

Kind of annoying with the constant "plinking" of my shields though from weak ranged enemies.

I've played a lot of Blood Bowl so it was cool to see similar but different designs to everything. Although I thought the Marines would be taller. I remember reading about the lore of that universe or whatever and thought they were all 9 feet tall. Any idea why they're barely taller than normal humans?
well I am not like your dad. I worked as a chef at TGIF-Mattson
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