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DAE stay home and play videogames instead of go out

#91LonnyJohnson(Topic Creator)Posted 2/2/2013 7:08:27 PM
Luthor_ posted...
I go out and stuff, and am not socially awkward at all. I just prefer to play video games a lot of the time. I've always been a kind of silent guy, even around my friends. Whenever they introduce me to someone they always say "Yea, he's really cool but he doesn't talk much."

I try to talk more but it doesn't happen lol.

That always annoys me lol. You shouldn't let anyone ever speak on your behalf. At my friend job people would always approach me and say 'You don't talk much do you' Even after I tried to have a conversation. Really ******* annoying.
Lonny "Booty" Johnson