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Did anyone find Gears of War 3 campaign to be a disappointment???

#11RygonPosted 2/1/2013 6:34:12 PM
The final boss in 3 was the best end boss of the series. Not a stellar fight but 2 was a cutscene and 1 was cheap.
#12GGearXPosted 2/1/2013 6:35:43 PM
Rygon posted...
The final boss in 3 was the best end boss of the series. Not a stellar fight but 2 was a cutscene and 1 was cheap.

There was a boss in 2? I forgot. But the boss in 3 was a pain in the ass.
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#13triple sPosted 2/1/2013 7:38:48 PM
I thought all Gears campaigns were better than the previous games. So as far as campaigns, Gears 3>Gears 2>Gears 1. I loved them all though. Gears 3 was just a ****ing awesome action game.
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#14JDGfootmanPosted 2/1/2013 7:58:53 PM
I thought Gears 3 campaign was significantly worse than 2's. The story on a whole was just uninteresting and outside of a fairly good moment in the middle (obvious to those whom played) all the cutscenes and dramatic moments were bleh. To be fair it's not like Gears has had very compelling narrative to begin with (really the commercials were the best part of the game's universe).

I know Cliffy B said he felt that 2 was drunk on set pieces, but I thought that worked well. 2 had a lot of very memorable moments and levels, that didnt intrude on the gameplay IMO. Im also almost positive that the 4-player co-op probably had a large impact on the design of the game as well. There are very few down time moments and atmospheric moments in 3 and a lot more "do this a certain number of times" moments (IE the corpser fight). Certain fights just feel like they were designed around being suited to co-op first and foremost (The Lambent Zerker).

Also, the final boss in 3 was horrible I thought. A long, drawn out fight, against a bullet sponge that flys and does area attacks, just bad. Id much rather have 2's approach of a building to a climax rather than a boss fight. By meaning that the Brumak at the end of 2 was awesome but not a boss fight.
#15bluehat94Posted 2/1/2013 8:01:47 PM
The Gears 3 campaign was by far my favorite, and had the best attempt at a story of the franchise.
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#16slugbossPosted 2/1/2013 8:02:48 PM
Gears of War 3 has better gameplay and 4player coop. The monsters are evil hideous creatures and don't spout biblical nonsense, it's a great. Gears of War 1 had the best framerate though, I appreciate the older games before their sequels are smothered in bloom and whatever effect can yield a slightly better still image.
#17shawnmckPosted 2/1/2013 8:17:06 PM
I didn't much care for it because I really hated the whole lambent angle.
Plus, they didn't really explain much of anything, such as who was the Locust Queen and what her motivations were.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.
But the Lambent enemies & bosses were just plain annoying, imho.
#18NeoGeoXSegaPosted 2/1/2013 10:14:45 PM
From: JON4495 | #002
How the hell were you amazed by the gameplay and graphics in 2011?

Joke post?
Gears 1 & 2 are still among the best looking 3rd person shooters this gen.
Only a handful of small games look better to this day, like Uncharted & Max Payne.
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#19SS_MetalSonicPosted 2/1/2013 10:25:27 PM
No i thought it was pretty good.
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#20CrimsonStryke28Posted 2/1/2013 10:33:18 PM
I've enjoyed Gears of War 2 campaign out of 1 and 3, for some reason it just felt more epic, fighting underground and all the cool moments in that game.