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Your Unpopular Video Game Opinions thread!

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3 years ago#31
1. I find the GTA series boring and unfun. The only game Rockstar has released that hasn't been total c*** was Bully.

2. Skyrim is garbage. The only reason people put up with its many faults is due to websites like Gamefaqs. Fifteen years ago we'd be reading articles in GamePro talking about what a buggy, low quality mess Skyrim is.

3. The Megaman Legends games are the best non NES/SNES Megaman games released to date.
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3 years ago#32
I judge people who play games on "Easy" mode. "Playing easy mode for the story"? Yeah, so do I. On NORMAL.

I don't like Zelda games.
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3 years ago#33
Half-Life series and Portal are boring and just plain old garbage.

Tales of Vesperia is mediocre at best and is stretched far too much so it becomes boring.

Star Ocean The Last Hope is pretty damned good.
3 years ago#34
Mass Effect>Mass Effect 2
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3 years ago#35
1. Skyrim was bland and boring.
2. Gears of war series was neither revolutionary or amazing.
3. Almost all the top franchises are rehashed every ten months, and people are sheep who keep buying the same crap with almost no concern that gaming sucks now.
4. DLC was agreat idea, but is now a crutch for lazy developers to make garbage that they can fix later just to rush it out the door.
3 years ago#36
Assassins Creed 1&2 are the worst in the series. Outright bad, in fact.

Skyrim sucks once you get past the visuals.

EA made the Mass Effect series better. ME1 was just tedious.

Speaking of tedious, Dark Souls. It's not hard, it's tedious. They're not the same thing.
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3 years ago#37
Arucard05 posted...
Valkyria Chronicles is better off on the PSP.


. . . You're dead to me.

Anyway . . .

(1) Military shooters are waaaaay too popular and, in general, they're not very good.

(2) Gears, Halo, Resistance, and Killzone are bland series with essentially non-existent plots, and aren't even half as good as many of the atmospheric shooters they've beaten in ratings and sales (e.g. Metro, The Darkness, Binary Domain, etc.)

(3) Nintendo needs to stop recycling the same IPs and release some new ones.

(4) The Kinect will still be **** next generation.

(5) Silent Hill: Downpour is a great game, and maybe the best horror game of this generation.

(6) Deus Ex: Invisible War was better than Deus Ex . . . Yeah, I went there.

(7) Dragon Age Origins is a watered down Baldur's Gate wannabe, and in many ways it's inferior to DA2.

(8) Video games won't turn you into a killer but they can desensitize you to violence.
3 years ago#38
Final Fantasy 13 wasn't more linear than the previous games. The other ones just had the illusion of freedom.
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3 years ago#39
DolphLundgrennn posted...
Pokemon is the biggest cash cow in gaming history.

Cash cow doesn't equal bad game.
My signature is better than yours.
3 years ago#40
The "Shoot-em-up" genre is a tired relic of the 80s and 90s and needs to be put to bed.

However, I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion among the Video Game Industry, or just a handful of GameFAQs posters. (See if you can pick them out!)

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