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Strange picture flashing black issue

#105BlackV605Posted 2/2/2013 3:42:53 PM
Hey all,

I have a 360 Elite, the black model before the new slim one came out, and I have been using HD Components for years. I noticed a strange issue awhile back with the picture messing up so I bought a new component a few months ago and all is well. I finally decided to upgrade and throw a Monster 1000 cable on t since I got a new awesome TV. However when I put the cable on the xbox the screen flashes from picture to black and back again. I couldn't keep the picture on for more than a few seconds. I tested the cable on my PS3 and it worked fine. Put it on xbox again...same thing. I have saince switched back to the component cables and it is fine thus far. What would cause this issue?

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks for reading