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Can you play 3-D games and movies on the XBox360?

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4 years ago#1
So, I have a 60 inch 3-D TV and would really like to use the 3-D capabilities. I was talking with a Best Buy employee about buying some 3-D glasses and he told me that only the Playstation 3 is powerful enough to display 3-D content. Is that true? So, if I buy a PS3 will I be able to play 3-D games? Can you download 3-D movies from Netflix?
4 years ago#2
There are no 3D movies on Netflix. You can not download any movies from Netflix. Only stream and order DVD's and Blu Ray disc.

Can you order 3D DVD's or Blu Ray disc from Netflix? Not sure.
I don't recall ever receiving an option to do so.

Xbox 360 can display certain games in 3D
not sure of any others. It really depends on the developer.

Even if the game does not have 3D capabilities. Some TV's can convert 2D to 3D.

I sometimes use mine to play Super Marios Bros U in 3D.

I'm surprised your TV didn't come with glasses. Mine came with 8 pair.
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4 years ago#3
starksthegamer2 posted...


That's hawt
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4 years ago#4
oops, I meant black ops!
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4 years ago#5
Oh, the XBox360 can display 3-D content? So, the Best Buy employee lied to me, huh? Guess I shouldn't trust those guys so much.

I have a Panasonic TV, and apparently, those glasses are really expensive, like 80 bucks or so. That's probably why they weren't included with the set. I haven't bought a set yet because I'm not sure if I have any content that will display in 3-D. I one time got a message while playing Gears of War 3 that said there was 3-D content available, but I've only gotten that message once, so I'm wondering if I hit the wrong button on my remote or something that made that come up.

What about the Wii-U? Does that have any 3-D games?
4 years ago#6
Sounds like you have an active 3D TV which is why the glasses are so expensive. You should be able to find a universal pair for $50 bucks. I have a passive 3D TV. I'm able to use the same type of 3D glasses utilized in the theaters. 8-12 bucks each for glasses. Great for watching 3D Blu Ray's but not too good for gaming unless its a slow paced game. Anything with a lot of constant action and it gets pretty laggy even if you are not playing online.

Active is better than Passive, especially when it comes to gaming.
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4 years ago#7
passive is better than active! Active has ghosting and it causes headaches. Anyway you can always DL movies to a usb =)
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4 years ago#8
From: MasterMoron | #005
So, the Best Buy employee lied to me, huh?

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4 years ago#9
Gears of War 3, Crysis 2, and Halo CE Anniversary are also 3D enabled.
4 years ago#10
Thanks. I have Gears of War 3 and one time a message came up saying that 3-D content was available, but I thought it was a fluke since it never came up again. I'll definitely get a pair of those glasses now.
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