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Dead Space 3 is RE6 all over again.

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4 years ago#41
SunDevil77 posted...
Your topics kind of always suck.

Yea because your in them.
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4 years ago#42
superbowl54 posted...
Samman123 posted...
They are both horrendous sequels that take out what actually made the series good. The sad part is that they are both popular and will sell well.


RE4 did that, yet people praise it for some reason.

THIS! I have no idea how people can rate resident evil 4 so highly then slate resident evil 6. Resident evil 4 is where the 'new' resident evil's started. I liked resident evil 4 and i like resident evil 6. 5 not so much. As for dead space 3 i should have it on friday so instead of reasing articles or watching videos and making a bold statement I will play it and see for myself.
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4 years ago#43
Currently playing - Far Cry 3 , WWE 13 , Blops 2
Good kid , M.A.A.D City
4 years ago#44
Deathofseasonsx posted...
Almost every shooter this gen has the ability to slide, dive, roll, duck and at least some melee system, and I don't see how contextual melee in a fast paced shooter is a good thing.
name them. and im not talking about a few examples. im talking about dozens that involve all of the elements that RE6 uses. If "almost all shooters this gen" do them then that shouldnt be an issue to do. im talking about diving on your back which can lead to rolling around on the ground, being able not only sprint and slide into cover but also slide into a 180degrees turn on your back to catch the enemy off guard or slide and being able to place explosives mid slide to quickly get out of the blast area(sliding into enemies also stuns them allowing for a fallowup shot). being able to take advantage of a melee system(in a SHOOTER) that involves combos, stealth kills, contextual finishers(like smashing a zombies head on a car hood if there near it), being able to take enemies weapons away from them to smash them in the face or being able to take advantage of counter attacking enemies attacks in mid motion for extra power hits. Then you also have the quickshot ability which depending on weapon can staggers all enemies in the area or clear them out completely.

Its all about the combat flow, not just the shooting. you have more options available to you in this than you do in most shooters. Most who play this probably dont even realise what the game is capable of and just treat it like a standard generic shooter without even knowing half of the games' mechanics. Unfortunately capcom is just as much to blame since they did a horrible job of conveying it all to the player. Like on top of all the combat elements you can also target enemies for your partner or being able to fast mix tablets.

When everything in this game comes together its more in line with vanquish(albeit at a slower pace) than any other shooter. Like i said before this game has a lot of issues, but i dont find the combat to be one of them provided you use it right.
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