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How do you justify the costs for Xbox Live?

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4 years ago#51
I will say though that I don't have gold now, and haven't had it for about a year because I just don't utilize it enough anymore...maybe when I get the itch to play online again or something, but for now I don't miss it.

also, 40 bucks a year, which is around what I end up paying cause good deals are always out there, isn't near as bad for the service - 60 bucks is something I will never pay for live, that's just my stance on it.

I just wish I could see my backgrounds, all I ask -_-
4 years ago#52
Well I am envious of all those Xbox Live Arcade games, that are mostly exclusive to that service.
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4 years ago#53
I don't buy gold. Buying my 360 cleaned me out, and being told im mentally unable to work kinda limits your spending.
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4 years ago#54
It gives me a lag-free, and all-around good experience, especially when half-off. /topic

Also, can you people stop making these topics? My ignore list is getting bigger.
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4 years ago#55
You know why these topics are useless? Because for literally 5+ years whenever someone throws out the justifications for Live's cost there is never a rebuttal---at all.
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4 years ago#56
The same way I justify the costs for anything else in life.

I'm not poor, so I don't care. Herp.
4 years ago#57
Because it won't get hacked like that second hand PSN.
4 years ago#58
vigorm0rtis posted...
I pay $3 a month for it. At that rate, I don't feel a need to 'justify' anything.


If you feel that $3 a month is in any way a dent in your wallet, you shouldn't be playing video games.
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4 years ago#59
I have an xbox 360.
I want to play online.
I like having parties outside of games.

Why the **** do I have to justify?

I feel like it. That is why.
Jesus these topics are ridiculous.
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4 years ago#60
It's the same price as a game (as it's been from the start when playing online and DLC were the only features), and the only other online experience I've had is with the DS and Wii.
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