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Best headset under $150?

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4 years ago#1
Just bought a 360 recently and need a really good headset to game online with in Blops 2 and also to talk and game with friends in parties and whatnot.
4 years ago#2
Personally, I highly recommend Turtle Beach x12s. The wireless ARE nice, but the amount of batteries they eat suck. Plus the wires rarely get in the way, imo.

If you've never experienced a pair you WILL eargasm, just saying.
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4 years ago#3
I picked up two pair of the Turtle Beaches Earforce X11 at Target about 6 months ago on clearance for $15 a piece and they work great.
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4 years ago#4
The X11 or X12 aren't surround sound, just FYI. they'll still sound good but if you want surround it's going to cost more.

You can always add the DSS2 to the X11 or the X12, that would make it almost identical to the $250 turtle beach headphones, except it's wired. IMO that's the best way to go unless you really want the best of the best... in that case you skip right on up to the Sennheiser PC 360 + Astro Mixamp, or PC360 + DSS2. Or my favorite combo is the PC360 + Mixamp AND the DSS2.

So my recommendations for lowest tier would be:
--DXL1 which is essentially the X12 + DSS2 for the price of the DSS2 alone! About $75

Then I would jump up to the higher tier:
--Astro A40 at about $250

Then my preferred choices:
--Sennheiser PC360 + Astro Mixamp at about $330
--Sennheiser PC360 + DSS2 (you'll need a couple extra cables if you want to chat) $300
--Sennheiser PC360 + Astro Mixamp + DSS2 at about $410
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4 years ago#5
I think I'm going to go for the Astros.
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4 years ago#7
The Astros really are a nice quality headset. I'm not too thrilled with the 2013 version of the mixamp... I'd rather have the old model mixamp. But it's not bad. Just has some extra noise if there's no game audio. Like when in the dashboard. As soon as the game starts to boot the noise immediately stops. It's like the absence of any sound makes it make some noise.

That's the thing with all these headsets... there's little quirks with all of them. IMO the astro benefits outweigh the quirks.
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4 years ago#8
Ca what do you think of these?

Not that I'm going to get them but I'm just curious as to whether they're legit or worth the price.

I'm leaning towards the Astros right now over the DXL1's. There is a big price difference but the Astros are that much better!
4 years ago#9
IIRC the PX5 (and the X41) had some complaints about interference from other 2.4GHz devices, or microwaves and stuff.

I've had the X41 (the PX5 are pretty much the same audio processor and headphones) and the X41 did sound really, really good. But I had a different problem, where the boom mic would start to build up static electricity or something. Would crackle a lot, and especially if I moved the mic.

I forgot about the PX5... I guess they'd be worth checking out. I would read the reviews and check youtube for people's complaints and praise. Every headset has some complaints, I would be curious as to what people complain about with those.
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh
4 years ago#10
btw I know I have the weird capital letters in my name...

It's Capone with a D on the end. CapwnD. Like Al Capone and PwnD.

or just cap for short! Never been called Ca but that's cool!
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh
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