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Losing Connection to Xbox Live

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3 years ago#1
I have two Xbox 360s; wired in the living room, wireless in the bedroom. Tonight they keep alternating getting booted from Xbox Live -- I've never had this issue before, but it certainly seems like one connects and then the other gets disconnected. Anyone have any experience with this?
3 years ago#2
I'll copy/pasta my usual response:

Two or more Xbox 360s online at the same time

There's some things you could try but ultimately it's doing to depend on your router. Look at this link and pick a router from the list (US link, google "xbox 360 compatible router" if your'e having trouble finding the link)

I like Dlink, I've had a few Dlinks and I like how they handle multiple (2, 3, 4, 5. more?) 360s online at the same time. Any of these routers should work with little or no additional setup, though the first thing I always do is get the latest firmware from your router's manufacturer's website.

Things to try:

--You need to have no ports forwarded to either 360. Don't have either in the DMZ. Just enable UPNP.

--If that doesn't work, you can try port triggering, usually called Applications or Special Applications in the router's settings.

--If that doesn't work, you can try forwarding ports to one 360 and put the other in the DMZ

These are general tips, regardless of having two 360 or whatever:
--If you have DSL your router should be in PPPoE mode, and your modem may need to be put into bridged mode.

--Don't make a manual IP address on any of your 360. Instead, reserve the IP address from the router's settings . If your router doesn't support that, then you could just turn up the lease time for the DHCP server so the 360 keeps getting the same IP address for a long time.

--Get the latest firmware for the router from your router's manufacturer's webpage. You can also see if your router supports DDWRT and use that.

-- never forward port 80 (or 53) on any of your consoles, regardless of the dumb guides you find online (and the Sony and 360 support sites). Your other consoles and computers need those ports. If you ever do forward with the 360, you only forward ports 88UDP and 3074 TCP and UDP, and you may want to look up the specific game for additional ports. But ignore ports 53 and 80.
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh
3 years ago#3
I realize you said you didn't have this problem before. Something must have changed, or perhaps your router's NVRAM filled up. Or the UPNP table got messed up in some way. Rebooting should fix that if that's the problem. Doesn't hurt to set up a daily or at least a weekly reboot of your router to clear stupid problems like that.
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh
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