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REPORT: Durango to block used games, require internet

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2 years ago#41
The_Djoker posted...
I don't understand all the butthurt. Do you guys not game on PC or something? PC gaming has been like this for the last 5 years. Physical copies of PC games DO NOT EXIST. You're buying disc with a digital Code.

And PC gamers wonder why I consider it a garbage platform?
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....
2 years ago#42
I'll believe it when I see, if it happens i'm probably done gaming, I buy most of my games new, but it will be highly upsetting if I need to be connected to the internet all the time.. Game I purchased can't be played if my internet drops... Nah bro, i'm cool
2 years ago#43
So if my Internet goes out my Xbox becomes a paperweight. No thank you.
2 years ago#44
ElderPredator12 posted...
These rumors have been floating around for forever on multiple sites with no evidence or support behind them. Wait until MS actually says something about it.

For real, orange peel.
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