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Boycott Next-Gen it Rumors are indeed true

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3 years ago#1
People raised such a big stink over a games ending such as ME 3 to me I saw nothing wrong with it as I understood the ending and I knew what it represented and the reason it ended the way it did.

Why not raise a big stink over these next-gen consoles if the rumors surrounding them are indeed true they are several aspects that will turn people away from Passwords, to Banning of Used games and the biggest nail in the coffin Always ON.

People will have diffrent deals about hating or not wanting them so why not a Petition like they do with TV Shows, Movies or Anime like trying to get a Season 3 for Rosario Vampire maybe something similar could be done to show these Corportations we dont weclome or want these kinda of Restrictions on a console.

If the online deal is indeed true you can not Borrow others games

Your Friends can not Borrow your Consoles

They would need Passwords.

People who buy these consoles would be pissed if they got them & and asked why dosent my consoles work - EASY IT REQUIRES ONLINE CONNECTION.

So if these are indeed true rumors then we need to get a Petition going or Boycott Next-GEN Altogether I know I am not the only person who is pissed over these rumors.

Look at the USPS & the Sat Mail deal for Months & Months denied rumors then today the rumors are proven a reality. What is to say it isnt any diffrent with Next-Gen & its rumors all being debunked as rumors then will be proven a reality form the source.

I cant believe this 20+ years of gaming & this could be my Final Generation of gaming since the days of the Wooden Panel 2600 this could mark the beginning of the end.
3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#3
It's inevitable to be screwed more and more, accept it or stop playing.
3 years ago#4
SunDevil77 posted...

Oh, wait, if you manage to organize a sizable enough number of people and make MS aware of it as a 'boycott,' I might join.

MSG me when you hit 500k.
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3 years ago#5
None of those features bother me. Online petitions are the worst thing to happen since kick starter.
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3 years ago#6
Limp_sugar posted...
Online petitions are the worst thing to happen since kick starter.

Online petitions don't suck. The reasons people typically make them suck. And kickstarter has resulted in some awesome things.
"'Grab the guns!' 'What about the troll?' 'Leave the troll.'"--ATHF
3 years ago#7
I'm not paying for Kinect, I'm not paying for a console that requires the internet, and I'm not paying for a console that won't play used games.

I'm not attached enough to the Xbox brand to accept such punishment from a product I pay for.
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3 years ago#8
I'll withhold my judgment until facts are made known.

GFaqers remember those? Facts?

If these turn out to be true, the beauty of being the consumer is I pick where my money goes. No problems.
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3 years ago#9
Uh no don't see it happening
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3 years ago#10
Always online I can deal with, although it annoys me. No secondhand market means I will not buy it. period. Do not care if others don't or not, but I won't.

Edit: And this is because no second-hand means no rentals, no borrowing or letting other borrow, and stable high pricing even long after release. No way am I supporting any of that.
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