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5 Best Gaming Consoles in History

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3 years ago#41
DarkSymbiote posted...
Horrendous list. inb4 opinions

Dreamcast doesn't deserve to be there. It did so little. Neither does Gameboy or N64.

Rough list of what I consider the best consoles. In no specific order:

2. Mega Drive (Genesis)
3. PS1
4. PS2
5. PS3 (not 360 because PS3 has a better exclusive library)

I'd say n64 over ps3 or at least tied with it and you have a list
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3 years ago#42
Infinite 2003 posted...
4.Xbox 360


this or very close to this
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3 years ago#43
letsgetsomelike posted...

glad the 360 made it on the list. how would you rank them?

360 should have been the SNES.
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3 years ago#44
5. Game Boy Advance SP (or Nintendo DS or DS Lite)
4. Sega Dreamcast (I never owned a Dreamcast but it looks awesome. Too bad it died quickly. I wish I had one but there is no need to get one when SEGA are porting Dreamcast games to PSN, XBLA, and PC)
3. Nintendo 3DS
2. Nintendo Wii U
1. Xbox 360

BTW, I am not a Sony fan (except when I had a PS2).
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3 years ago#45
1. Dreamcast
2. PS2
3. 360
4. N64
5. GameCube
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3 years ago#46
PC Engine

The way things are going next gen consoles could rate up there with the 3DO, CD-I and Virtual Boy if that happens I have those five consoles I mentioned above to play.
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3 years ago#47
1. Acorn Archiemedes
2. Virtual Boy (The Neck Buster)
3. Sega Game Gear
4. Sega Saturn
5. PS3
3 years ago#48
i wouldnt say those are the best
go by sales and thats whats the best
3 years ago#49
in no order:

pc 1990's (had some amazing games in the 90's that consoles couldnt come close to)
3 years ago#50
1. Super Nintendo
2. Xbox 360
3. Dreamcast
4. Playstation 1
5. Sega Genesis
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