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What was your most anticipated game of this gen?

#51WinternovaPosted 2/9/2013 3:48:49 PM
All three Mass Effect games and Skyrim.
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#52Halochief6Posted 2/9/2013 3:52:14 PM
Halo 3. It's the reason I chose the 360 first.

After that, Borderlands and Gears 2/3 would be up there.
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#53Carribean_CoolPosted 2/9/2013 4:39:42 PM
Mass Effect 3

And now Splinter Cell Blacklist.
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#54MadDewgPosted 2/9/2013 5:45:48 PM(edited)
Phantasy star universe. I'm a huge phantasy star online fan, its pretty much my favorite series of all time etc. After phantasy star online episode 1 and 2/blue burst (and it's terrible management for the west from sonic team) was said and done, at that point of time phantasy star universe was the next big thing for any phantasy star online fan.

I remember being like, crazy suped for PSU. Read up news about the game every single day, listening to all the promises from sonic team about how they learned their lesson from their ****ups with the western versions of xbox pso episode 1 and 2/blue burst etc. etc. Hell my main reason for even buying a 360 in the first place was solely for phantasy star universe back then (I also was going to get gears of war on release since I'm also a fan of epic (even though gears alone wasn't going to convince me to buy a console for just it). Definitely wasn't disappointed with that in the long run).

Regardless of how phantasy star universe actually turned out (like crap pretty much), it was the only single game that had me like, jumping off the walls "holy **** holy **** its almost here" type suped up, lol. The last time I felt like that for a game before PSU was phantasy star online episode 1 and 2, so yeah....good times.
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#55ZacTBPosted 2/9/2013 5:43:56 PM
I think Gears of War 3. If I played Mass Effect 2 before Mass Effect 3 came out it would have been that.
#56Moss_27Posted 2/9/2013 5:53:01 PM
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