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Gamefaqs Poll results. Really???

#101drclaeysPosted 2/8/2013 8:34:29 AM

I like used games. I buy more used then new. I bought skyrim new for the ps3, the first week, DAMN, was that a mistake.

I dont want to pay 60 bucks for a game I might not finish, or might not like or might be to hard. I want to pay 20 bucks. I dont need a game new, first day release. I want faq's to be developed, and people to come up with all the BEST tactics. I want all the glitches found, and work around documented.

Im not into blazing the trail with a new game. When im stuck, I want to go to the internet and see what the solution is.

both have a place in the world. it gets down to GREED!!!! They see lost money, and they are trying to come up with a way to SQUEEZE it out of you.

Thank you.
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#102Died AgainPosted 2/8/2013 8:34:53 AM
pitt12177 posted...
It's not the buying aspect that I have an issue with. It's the reselling them if I don't like them / want to keep them. I don't mind dropping 60 dollars as long as it is a short-term investment where when I am done with the game, it doesn't sit on my shelf and I can turn around and recoup some of my losses..

This, exactly. What am I supposed to do with these games once I'm done with them. Can't sell them, can't give them to a friend, can't even donate them to a shelter. I do keep the occasional game, but most of them I don't want hanging around my house forever. I guess I could use some of them for coasters, make some funky looking art projects, but my guess is that most of them are going to end up in a land-fill somewhere. What a waste.
#103DarthVashtiPosted 2/8/2013 8:35:18 AM
JTC87 posted...
I came to the board to see if anyone had posted about this. I buy all my games new, I never buy used games. I like to support developers and not companies (Gamestop) that rip off the consumer. It baffles me that so many people say they wouldn't buy the console, it is people like them that hold back the development of future technologies. If a game is bad enough that you are going to want to sell it, why buy it in the first place? I only buy good games, games that I will never sell. If everyone did this, developers would think twice before rushing out a half assed games because they know people will think twice before buying a crappy game that they cannot sell. A non used game system also pushes digital distribution, if you can never buy a game used and you have to buy new, why not buy it digitally? No waiting in line at the store and dealing with incompetent employees. No, wasted shelf space, switch between games quickly. I feel that no used games consoles would be a good thing and a step in the right direction into the future of video gaming. Plus, if all the console makers did it, it would be a pretty standard thing, either endure it, or don't play video games.

You do realize that the developers already got their money for those used games sitting on the shelves right?

Why is it only the video game industry where used is such a big deal? You don't see the music industry, movie industry, book industry, clothing industry, or auto industry getting their panties in bunch because someone bought used items. Sony isn't going about trying to find a way to block used DVDs or BluRays.
#104FOOTBALLfan0014Posted 2/8/2013 8:35:59 AM
The biggest problem I have is if I want to go back and play an older game a couple years later. By then, stores will no longer stock new copies of the game. The only option then is to either get the PC version, if available, or find an online seller that will probably be over-priced since the demand for older unused games will be much higher.
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#105CyricsServantPosted 2/8/2013 8:41:24 AM(edited)
The merits of being permitted to buy used:

- You can often find used games for significantly cheaper prices on websites like Gamefly. I'm talking about saving $10-30, not the $2 you might save at Gamestop or Game.

- You can loan games to your friends.

- You can rent, if that's your thing.

- You don't need to worry about DRM limiting the number of consoles your game can be accessed on, or easily lost codes (which I've had issues with in the past).

- Games lose all their resale value. Not so much a problem for me, but I can appreciate that the product I'm being asked to buy has been devalued and is, therefore, worth less. Also, others relying on selling/trading to get their new games.

- You can find out-of-print games.

- Since there's a used market, sellers on Amazon and Ebay can't keep out-of-print game prices obnoxiously high.

The merits of implementing an "you can only play new games" system:

. . . *crickets*

Look, I'm a fan of Steam, but that's only because they shave 70-90% off the price of new games when compared to retail or Sony/MS' online services. If new games start selling for $20 or less, as opposed to $60, I can see myself getting behind a "new only" system.

If that doesn't happen, I'll just stick with consoles that permit me to buy used (like the Wii U) or that sell me games at dirt cheap prices (e.g. Steam on the PC). Hardware developers aren't entitled to my money, and if they can't show my the value in a "new only" system, they won't be getting one red cent from me. If more gamers feel the way that I do and they fail, so be it. Another hardware dev will probably just rise up in their place.
#106jjg737Posted 2/8/2013 8:38:24 AM
It doesn't bother me all that much but at the same time it bothers me a lot, what a lot of people aren't taking into account is you can't borrow a game from a friend or family member. That really sucks for me cause me and 2 of my cousins buy the same system and buy different games and were constantly borrowing each others games, for example I'm buying GTA 5 , my cousin is buying bioshock infinite, and my other cousin is buying dead space 3 I'd like to play all 3 with out purchasing all 3. Next gen that would be impossible, but I do like that the price would go down a bit and the game developers would make more money so in turn we should have better quality games. I don't know I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.
#107WinternovaPosted 2/8/2013 8:43:13 AM
nonexistinghero posted...
The used games market is part of the reason why gaming grew big so rapidly. A ton of people also buy new games, with the money they get from selling games.

Gaming grew big in the late 70s and early 80s without a used games market. It will survive without one.
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#108GreatHammurabiPosted 2/8/2013 8:43:17 AM
From: CyricsServant | #105
If that doesn't happen, I'll just stick with consoles that permit me to buy used (like the Wii U) or that sell me games at dirt cheap prices (e.g. Steam on the PC). Hardware developers aren't entitled to my money, and if they can't show my the value in a "new only" system, they won't be getting one red cent from me. If more gamers feel the way that I do and they fail, so be it. Another hardware dev will probably just rise up in their place.

Pretty much this.

I collect a lot of older video games as is so even if this becomes the new trend of gaming I have enough games, in addition the the ones I will buy in the future to add to my collection, to last me ages.
#109Lozh900Posted 2/8/2013 8:46:26 AM
Lets ignore the fact that some ganes go out of print after their first run, become classics and then you can only get them second hand.

Really? Why would I want to buy everything new day one just to make sure I can play it 4 months down the line when I've finished everything else.

If used goes, a lot of people are going to become very picky about what the purchase.

Devs and publishers will being going in to administration regularly except for the huge ones.
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#110Reginleif20Posted 2/8/2013 8:47:18 AM
dudultimateness posted...
I just got done voting in the poll and normally I vote with the majority but when I voted that I wouldn't care at all I was shocked to see there were only 3% of you out there like me. I can't quite catch onto why so many people out there are so obsessed with used games. Is the $10 Gamestop gives you off the next used C.O.D really that big of a deal?

So I'm wondering, do THAT many of you really buy that many used games?


If by blocking used games Microsoft can make the price of all new games at most $40 by going completely digital would you still have the same opinion?

Are you some mommy dependent kid who doesn't know the value of money?
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