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Favorite male video game hero?

#11BrutalBrockenPosted 2/8/2013 10:44:31 PM
Arucard05 posted...
Francis York Morgan. But you can just call him York.

That's what everyone calls him.

I cant wait for the Directors Cut

but My choice would be Auron from FF X, and Kingdom Hearts 2, Auron was badass
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#12KupinPosted 2/8/2013 11:45:57 PM
Max Payne.
#13XenobowPosted 2/8/2013 11:49:10 PM
Capell (Infinite Undiscovery)
#14JenniferTatePosted 2/8/2013 11:53:43 PM
Cecil or Solid Snake.
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#15GGearXPosted 2/9/2013 12:44:13 AM(edited)
Ash crimson from King of fighters 13
She's my dream girl.
She's so hot.
Blue eyes.

EDIT: thought you meant favorite FEMALE character.

My favorite male character is Joe from Viewtiful joe. He's freaking hilarious.
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#16XenobowPosted 2/8/2013 11:57:50 PM
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#17vigorm0rtisPosted 2/9/2013 12:15:15 AM
Yes, Xeno, Ash is a dude.
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#18memphis12Posted 2/9/2013 12:18:13 AM
Yuri (Tales Of Vesperia) he's a hero but isn't afraid to be bad a** & get his hands dirty.
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#19barrysshoesPosted 2/9/2013 12:41:00 AM
#20gamerso1990Posted 2/9/2013 12:46:40 AM
Link I guess.