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The greatest achievement list ever!!

#41AcquirePosted 2/17/2013 2:32:17 AM
Heh, I barley have over 12k and most of them aren't from PC games.
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#42Dentenshi(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 2:42:43 AM(edited)
From: glassghost0 | #040
Dentenshi posted...
From: glassghost0 | #038
Dentenshi posted...
From: glassghost0 | #034
Are you talking about rapture639?

Yeah, dude has personal issues. Guess he uses his achievement hunting to boost his small man complex.

But you said he used game saves to 1000 Arkham City in one day, but he only has 700 something in it...

I apologize. He got 1000GS in Batman arkham asylum GOTY in ONE DAY! Thats impossible.

I'm sorry. I miss wrote myself.

How's that impossible? There's a recorded completionist run of a little over 6 hours

Knowing this guy personally he glitched/exploited it. Normaly it takes 27 hours to 1000 AA fastest average is 12Hrs.
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