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Zombies attack. Who do you partner up with?

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4 years ago#41
Super Creatures posted...
Halochief6 posted...
If sex is on the table, Juliet. If not, either RE character or Isaac.

What about under the table, next to the table, or other areas not involving a table at all?

Are you saying you would only have sex with Juliet on a table, and if you were having sex anywhere else, it would be with a dude?

If sex is a viable option with said partner (Juliet). If it isn't a guaranteed yes, then I'd go zombie killing with any of the aforementioned dudes.

Sex on a table would be pretty awesome though.
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4 years ago#42
_OujiDoza_ posted...
nothingbeast posted...
How do folks not choose Dredd

Because I can't see that name without seeing Stallone screaming about how "DUH EVIDANSHAZBENFATHIFIED! SIMPOSSIBLUH!!!"

Who's better, modern day Dredd, or Stallone Dredd?

Modern Dredd by a mile if you're a fan of the comics. Stallone's version was good if you're into comedies ..
Who dares, wins.
4 years ago#43
I get why all the other characters are in the poll (they star in games with zombies or zombie type enemies)...but why is Judge Dredd in the poll...?
He seems out of place.

And, why wasn't John Marston included (Undead Nightmare)...?
4 years ago#44
Who didn't choose Juliet?

Come on.

Why would you ever choose anyone else?
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4 years ago#45
Juliet. She seems to be fun around.
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4 years ago#46
When you need someone who can help you get out of any situation, whether it is an attack by zombies, the military, a strange cult, a giant robot, or a killer clown with a chainsaw... Frank West is the man for the job.
"He never saw Molly again."
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4 years ago#47
No batman or snake?

What a terrible list.
4 years ago#48
Obviously Juliet, it's a no-brainer.

Someone has to repopulate the world after such a catastrophe like a zombie apocalypse.

She has a chainsaw that never runs out of fuel, a phone inbuilt into the chainsaw and flexibility.
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4 years ago#49
War from Darksiders. (Humans in that game ended up being re animated corpses). Ensures I and whoever we rescue survive.
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4 years ago#50
pothocket posted...
Bill from Left 4 Dead.

That man will make sure you survive the apocalypse.

This was my choice as well. Clearly he has the most experience when it comes to fighting difficult, evolved zombie forms.

Sure Leon has faced a licker...but going up a tank? Multiple times? **** THAT ****!!!!
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