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Are you sticking with Microsoft for the next gen?

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3 years ago#21
I work so I'll be getting both.
3 years ago#22
unless if Microsoft wants to spy on me with a mandatory kinectcam of course.
3 years ago#23
Im done with xbox I loved my 360 but expect for halo and fable all the other games I got for 360 were third party games I could of just gotton for ps3 as well. Im sticking with wii u and maybe ps4 next gen I got tired of halo and fable is ruined thanks to kinect and that peter m something guy leaving lion head :/
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3 years ago#24
Hell no. Live would have to be free and there would have to be a new Banjo Kazooie platformer for me to even begin to consider it. Any sign of a built-in Kinect feature and all hope is lost. No used games no buy.
3 years ago#25
Im probably going to get both . If there is a chance i only get one of them; it will be xbox. I will also get a wii u when zelda and mario is available.
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3 years ago#26
As long as MS doesn't pull any "always online" crap or ban used games or anything else I don't like then yes, I will stick with the Xbox.
3 years ago#27
I had an xbox this gen but never used it. Was wii, pc and ps3 for me this gen. Next gen will likely be wii u ps4 and pc again. Will get a 720 at some point though even if I only get a few games on it.
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3 years ago#28
I don't care about MS or Sony, i will buy whatever console is the better one.....
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3 years ago#29
I will have both systems when they launch just like i did with this current gen.....So yes
3 years ago#30
Only if it has some good exclusives this time.
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