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how good is assassins creed 4 black flag? I'm thinking of picking it up (Archived)
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Flamechamp2333132/17 2:29PM
Deus ex human revolution is like dishonered in some bad ways (Archived)
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pcmike2162/17 1:49PM
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The boards over there are dead, off the top of your head, what's the population (Archived)PlayStation_Oni92/17 11:57AM
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The Ultimate Game Sale, is it the same games all week or different ones? (Archived)agentspoon72/17 11:10AM
Today I recommend to you: Final Fantasy XI on-line (Archived)
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Hucast9122/17 9:59AM
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System Link Horde mode problems (Hears of War 3) (Archived)LiqiudusSnake12/17 12:44AM
I feel that halo campaigns have no replay value. Not sure why though? (Archived)
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pcmike2182/16 11:38PM
Gat outta of hell or watch dogs? (Archived)
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What do you think the Top 10 Xbox 360 games every 360 owner should experience? (Archived)
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levyjl1988122/16 7:21PM