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PSA: GTA San Andreas has received a patch. (Archived)
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NeVaRmoore3011/11 4:59PM
What game should I tackle first ? (Archived)
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SILENTGHOSTS961311/11 3:20PM
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Wow. The Sonic Adventure games are pretty bad. (Archived)
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Reverted_Pikkon1311/11 7:58AM
What would happen if I insert an SSD into the 360? (Archived)
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AshWilliams782211/11 6:25AM
Has there been a patch for the re-release of San Andreas yet? (Archived)AltiarLio1011/11 5:34AM
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Best Xbox 360 Game of 2009: June (Poll)horror_spooky411/11 12:13AM
So Borderlands 2 GOTY isn't complete? (Archived)
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AshWilliams781111/11 12:08AM
Are You Going To Purchase Raven's Cry On The Xbox 360? (Poll)
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ComradeRyan1611/10 7:19PM
When Xbox 360 servers go down will we be able to play the indie games offline?? (Archived)
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knightimex2611/10 7:03PM
Call of Duty named best game series of all time. (Archived)AltiarLio711/10 6:22PM
asking here since original xbox board is dead (Archived)
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nehukog1111/10 3:48PM