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Would you care if Microsoft push ads more next gen?

#21TheBlueStigPosted 2/16/2013 11:27:56 AM
FredSavage27 posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
At least this topic is based in fact, at least one previous system tried mandatory periodic ads on the cheaper version of the system, it still failed, but they tried it anyways.

It's not based in fact, because if Microsoft did something so intrusive to every game published on their system, people would just buy a PlayStation 4 and/or Wii U.

Can you not f***ing READ at all?

It's based in fact because it's already been tried by at least one game system maker, mandatory periodic ads on the cheaper (normal priced) version of the system. You could pay 3 times more for the hardware and get an ad-free system, but that failed too.
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#22FredSavage27Posted 2/16/2013 11:38:03 AM
What game system maker? You say it failed, so why would Microsoft want to copy a failure? Why would they interrupt games every 15 minutes knowing that people can just buy a console that doesn't do that?
#23Pacman2dxPosted 2/16/2013 12:39:48 PM
I do not stay on my dashboard long enough to care about ads of any kind ..
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