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share games many said were "bad" but were actually "good"

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User Info: bpcarter

4 years ago#51
Saints Row: The Third - People who played 1 and 2 think it sucks, people new to the series love it
Operation Darkness - People complain about the graphics, but it's a SRPG, so graphics don't really matter, and one of the best in that genre on 360
Alpha Protocol - it's like baby deus ex!
XCOM Enemy Unknown - It's mostly fanboys of the original who say it's bad
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User Info: RisingWater

4 years ago#52
hiplock posted...
-The Last Remnant
Put so many hours into that game. For me it was the best jrpg of this gen. Personally I thought it was much better than Xenoblade, FF XIII, or Lost Odyssey. It was good to see a jrpg actually try to do something new and different within a turn-based battle system. Most other people seemed to hate it though. Too bad. I was really hoping for a sequel.

Yes Yes Yes.

I remember fighting a 2-3 hour long turn based battle--one of the bigger battles in the game iirc(two girls at the end), went in "little" underpowered.I literally danced after defeating them lol

Such a glorious game,would get Rango for the sequel.

User Info: JS_Cubby14

4 years ago#53
For some reason I had a really good time with Dragon Age 2.

User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#54
i have no loyalty for either xbox or 360, im a casual gamer and dont find it a insult.

User Info: Exilious

4 years ago#55
50 cent: Blood on the Sand
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User Info: Silver_Sparklet

4 years ago#56
Final Fantasy 13: Finally an rpg where i don't have to have a headache about armor upgrades/management and getting lost in the world map along a slew of other things common in most rpg's.

In that game I can just sit back relax and focus on the battles and very beautiful scenic, straight-forward, roller-coaster rides aswell a fantastic abstract story, it's a shame the devs gave into the "fans".

Izuna DS: Hard but in a way where a lot of deaths are your own fault (of course you can get unfortunate from time to time), the music also seemed to set off my nostalgia sensors.

User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#57
Shadow the Hedgehog. While I won't say it is great, it isn't terrible. You can play it without the game crashing or bugging out on you, and it features a good amount of stages and missions to do.

Also, Kirby Air Ride. I think too many people are just turned away by a literal one button control scheme, but the game is still amazingly fun. Anyone can pick it up and know how to play it after 5 minutes, and city trial I could play for hours and not get bored.
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User Info: Mrluzo

4 years ago#58
I liked Dragon Age 2. I really enjoyed it, was probably the game that got me into rpgs. So for that I am thankful. It was just so different from anything else I had played, and now, I am a bit of an rpg addict.

User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#59
Well...I liked DmC, and FF13. FF13-2 was decent.

User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#60
HughJorgenn posted...
Duke Nukem Forever.

This. It was just out of its time by a decade or so. If the same game were released ten years ago the reception would have been so much better.
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