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if the world followed game dev/publishers marketing wishes

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4 years ago#1
Forget buying a house if you want to have assets, as the house would cease to have sale value the moment you buy it as it would be outside of your purchase agreement to sell the house on should you not want to use it anymore. If you become bankrupt, default on mortgage etc. the house would have to demolished and rebuilt as even the bank would not be able to resell it.

Buying a car? then its with you for life because you cant ever trade it in to fund a new car or sell it on, you cannot pass it down to other family members either. After you done with it, you scrap it or store it.

Charities, cease to exist as noone can donate old stuff anymore as that stuff cannot be used by anyone apart from the first owner, also forget passing down clothes to younger children from odler child.

Trading collectables, cant be done as the terms of sale is only the original owner can have value in the product.

Want to rent something? well sorry its one user per product, you buy it or go without.

Ever swap furniture with anyone whether its at home or in the office? do it again and the law be on your back. If you want your colleague's chair then you go and buy your own even if your colleague doesnt want that chair.

The above sound ludicrous or what?
4 years ago#2
Yes, but they're talking about video games, not a ****ing house!
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4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
Good God. I have never seen so much insanity in one post.
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4 years ago#5
I'm not going to lie. I didn't read your entire post. It's just that these topics about blocking used games are getting old and annoying.
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4 years ago#6
You forgot the part about the people asking you to save them and you whispering no.
4 years ago#7
yes, but also they could sell the same exact house to a million families. instea d of building 1 million houses for a million families, they would build only 1 house and sell a million deeds to the same house.

Or they would spend 100 million dollars to build each home and sell it for less than a million taking a loss of 99 million dollars.

Same thing with cars, they would build one car ber year and sell just the title, not the car.

You are right, it does sound ludicrous to compare the business model of games with that of homes or cars or other products where the bulk of the cost of the product is for the materials and labor used to produce the physical item. things liek homes are sold above the cost to build them. games are sold below the cost of development. they count on making a profit by duplicating the product at virtually no cost and selling it a million times.
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4 years ago#8
headwounds13 posted...
You forgot the part about the people asking you to save them and you whispering no.
4 years ago#9
danny they would sell the deed a million times, but the builder only gets paid once.

so why arent the house builders crying saying you must only sell the house once, so we can build a new house for every new sale.
4 years ago#10
if games are sold at a loss as said many times then reduce the dev costs.

business isnt bliss, you win some and you lose some, in life some business transactions are loss making, one has to get over it and elarn from mistakes.
even the movie and music companies havent come up with this daft idea.
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