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The recent AvP game's marine campaign is better then the entire Aliens CM game.

#11Big FanPosted 2/18/2013 8:48:53 PM
CalistoCoon posted...
Big Fan posted...
They both have a huge feel of clunkiness to the whole thing, but I felt CMs was just a bit less. There was a lot more open areas in AvP which kinda bothered me as well.
I really think overall though I felt more immersed into the Alien universe with CM.
Not saying AvP was bad, I did enjoy it. Just liked the new one a tad more

I did enjoy having to actually hold up my motion tracker in CM. I was mad the whole time I played that game, not because it was bad, which it was, but because there was clearly a better game somewhere in there.

It just needed more of those tense horror moments that I loved about the Alien franchise.

This, so much. I don't think the game is as bad as everyone says. I enjoyed campaign and am in love with the multi, but playing through campaign I can feel that there's a good game in there. Hell a few tweaks to the AI would've made this campaign 10x better
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