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YouTube Update Problems

#11JRS511Posted 2/22/2013 9:04:16 PM
skydragonslash posted...
My xbox freezes when I go to back out of a video and find a new one... 5th times its happened now.

This happens to me too. Annoying as hell.
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#12VasDeferensPosted 2/24/2013 2:38:14 AM
Me too. I've been having a lot of freezes since this new youtube update . It's getting to be unwatchable if my xbox will freeze every time I back out of a video ( B button) . Then I'll have to restart the xbox .
#13liam_000Posted 2/24/2013 5:13:56 AM
I have fashioned a long stick at arms length so i dont even have to get out of bed to reset the xbox now. Thats how many times its happened to me.
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#14pondarosaPosted 2/24/2013 4:15:17 PM
Yeah, this really sucks now. Half the time when I click on a video the bufferer just sits there spinning until I finally get tired of it and back out. If the video actually does start, 9 times out of 10 it will start buffering and sit THERE for minutes until I back out.
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#15TheBlueStigPosted 2/24/2013 4:21:53 PM
The problem is with youtube itself. They updated how the site works, so now the 360 app needs to be updated, until that happens use a PC to get on youtube.

This will keep happening at least every 6 months, that's when youtube updates things to try to kill the downloading and ad blocking plugins people use.
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#16sk4ndalousPosted 2/24/2013 4:34:23 PM
Of course the YT app is broken (again) on the xbox. They'll fix it... eventually, so don't worry. Apparently, microsoft's still butthurt that YT went with Google and not them.
#17IntrepidTykePosted 2/24/2013 6:29:54 PM
You can just watch YouTube videos on Internet Explorer. Found that out yesterday. No need to use the app.
#18Alfred_QPosted 2/28/2013 12:06:13 PM(edited)
IntrepidTyke posted...
You can just watch YouTube videos on Internet Explorer. Found that out yesterday. No need to use the app.

IE only has HTLM5, Some videos will not play on IE but will on the YT app (Maybe flash i don't know).
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