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The 2nd games in trilogies are always the best

#1AstronomerJakePosted 2/20/2013 2:49:59 PM
mass effect 2
kotor 2
dragon age 2
the elder scrolls morrowind
fallout 2
diablo 2
mario nes 2
suikoden 2
final fantasy 2
mortal kombat 2

The law has spoken. Show me a trilogy in games where the 2nd game isn't the best, then I'm a monkey's uncle.
#2Carte360Posted 2/20/2013 2:50:29 PM
Gears of War 2

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#3alexmercer17Posted 2/20/2013 2:52:03 PM
Metal Gear Solid PS2 trilogy. 3 was the best there
#4GGearXPosted 2/20/2013 2:52:11 PM
Carte360 posted...
Gears of War 2

Like TC said. The 2nd game in trilogies are ALWAYS the best.
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#5TravarkothPosted 2/20/2013 2:53:37 PM
Wait, isn't Morrowind the third entry?
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#6alexmercer17Posted 2/20/2013 2:57:34 PM
Travarkoth posted...
Wait, isn't Morrowind the third entry?

Yup, was thinking bout that too
#7TheBlueStigPosted 2/20/2013 2:59:09 PM
Splinter Cell 2 proves your theory wrong, it sucked ass.
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#8HeLeehamPosted 2/20/2013 2:59:37 PM
Even though I disagree isn't it universally accepted that DMC 3 > DMC 2.
#9Robin_MaskPosted 2/20/2013 3:00:06 PM
alexmercer17 posted...
Metal Gear Solid PS2 trilogy. 3 was the best there

Yep, MGS3 defies that rule.
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#10EM_MegaPosted 2/20/2013 3:00:30 PM
You listed games that aren't part of a trilogy...what?
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