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So is the disc screwed?

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4 years ago#1
I put a copy of Kameo: Elements of Power in my 360 and the 360 didn't even recognize it. Took it out, cleaned it, put it back in and then it says "Play DVD" and when I do (confused that it said DVD and not game) it says, in fifteen different languages, to insert it into an Xbox360 console. I think the disc is officially screwed. Imma see if I can get it replaced tomorrow but if not it's just five bucks anyway. the next best thing
4 years ago#2
I know this isn't technically ethical or whatever, but just go buy a used copy from Gamestop or whatever and swap the discs, then just return the game with the bad copy.
4 years ago#3
Gamestop is actually where I got it from in the first place. The disc looks like it's brand new, maybe some warping all over the disc but no scratches.

Imma see if I can get it replaced with a different disc and hope it works. Otherwise I'm just gonna buy it off Amazon. the next best thing
4 years ago#4
The Games on Demand version is priced cheap.
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4 years ago#5
I don't even know what Games on Demand is. lol the next best thing
4 years ago#6
i got a used copy of dragon's dogma for christmas. the disc looks brand new, but i'm constantly getting the dirty disc error. sometimes in the middle of playing. i don't have this problem with any other games. i usually have to put it in, take it out, repeat a few times, but then it will start. really annoying in that game as there's no fast travel, so sometimes i'll spend 15min running across the map just to get the error and have to do it over. thank god for it's frequent auto-saving.

it's got me wondering though, does gamestop "clean" their discs? i used to have a machine that would buffer scratches out of cds, & maybe gamestop does this as well with some possibly mixed results. anyone know???
4 years ago#7
I know this sounds bad, but have you considered that the problem might be with your 360 Disc Drive/Tray?

my recommendation: try the 360 with 10 other games, report results.
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4 years ago#8
Gamestop doesn't do disc buffing, no.

Also, my 360 is like only five months old and it's never had this problem. I'm playing a game right now with no issue either. Seems like it's just that one game but I haven't done any THOROUGH testing either. the next best thing
4 years ago#9
I don't know what a 360 does in this situation but is the disc for a different region? eg, PAL
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4 years ago#10
GenXPm posted...
I don't know what a 360 does in this situation but is the disc for a different region? eg, PAL

It would give you an error message that states that the disc does not match your console's region code. I've tried NTSC-J games in my US console and that's what I got.
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