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You are now a character in the game you last played

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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#51
Krogan Soldier. Inferno Grenades + Avenger X w/Incendiary Ammo. I am, basically, a walking tank.
You wanna make me a sandwich?

User Info: afrodude77

4 years ago#52
Level 53 Dragonborn in Skyrim who can tame dragons with his voice it will take a while to get used to my cat like body though at least i`m married to Ysolda
We are the Lin Kuei, more stealthy than the night, more deadly than the dawn!

User Info: bladeofice

4 years ago#53
I guess I'm Leon from RE...This is awesome
Xbox/PSN Name Demon Wolf191

User Info: leet_x1337

4 years ago#54

Well, not at a particularly high level yet. So I guess not a lot besides the power of friendship.
Now Playing: DMC4 on Hard/SoS
Last updated: 09/02/13

User Info: Mr_Genocide

4 years ago#55
Oh man i'm my Dovahkiin, this is awesome!

FUS ROH DAH'ing people off of crowded NYC trains!

If I have my Orchendor dead thrall that'd be awesome too lol
PSN: Genocidic
Rap = Crap. Metal ----> Rap any day.

User Info: SoF-Rambo

4 years ago#56
Kurt from MDK2: Armaggedon.

Gamertag : Z0mb13S0ldier PSN : GotYourGatorade
Current Most Played : PS All-Stars, Battlefield 3, and WWE 13.

User Info: DeltaZero

4 years ago#57
Battlefield 3

Generic American Soldier. Assault Class (Medic variant). I don't even know what guns I have, probably an M16 with some sort of sights. As generic as they come.

User Info: SwagStar

4 years ago#58
Corvo from Dishonored

User Info: LyokoNinja

4 years ago#59

Guess I'm the kid who controls them. Only played like half an hour so far, too, so...

Got nuttin'.

User Info: EM_Mega

4 years ago#60
Oni from SFIV?

Main: Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye
Side: Strider/Dante/Doom
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