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Wow, Microsoft's phone support is a joke.

#1dataDyneSoldierPosted 2/23/2013 6:22:12 PM(edited)
So I called because I'm having an issue with my account, and was given the option of being called back rather than waiting the estimated hour. And they actually did call back in an hour. So I picked up, was told by an automated voice to please wait and have been waiting an hour since. And let me tell you, this music is beyond obnoxious. I'll take the normal elevator music over this crap.

Whatever. Just venting while I'm waiting and being forced to listen to some of the worst music I have ever heard. :)
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#2Gaebora_KaeporaPosted 2/23/2013 6:51:33 PM
what's the issue
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#3Damn_DeaditePosted 2/23/2013 7:22:26 PM
I disagree. The 2 times I had to call them, they were super helpful and fixed my problem. They also gave me free stuff. (3 months of LIVE the one time and a DLC code for Trials HD the other).
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#4Perfect LightPosted 2/23/2013 7:23:58 PM
They've always been really helpful for me, one of the best customer service lines ever. They employ actual Americans and not some dude from India named Sam.
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#5Super CreaturesPosted 2/23/2013 7:28:25 PM
What you should have done was request an online chat session.
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#6RE2LeonSPosted 2/23/2013 8:03:25 PM
The phone support people are severely stupid and I'm talking borderline drool kind of stupid, providing untrue information, being completely useless, and passing your problem onto their other departments. When my account was FIFA 12 stolen, the dumb girl said 'DUR THEY CAN DELETE THE GAMERSCORE FOR THAT ONE GAME', untrue.
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