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xbox720 vs ps4

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3 years ago#1
ok i am a playstation fanboy but im not here to jump on ya console, i wanna put some thoughts in ya head, cause today they just poped up in mine, these are my top 10 thoughts.

1. xbox360 had party chat and thats what made it sell well, but ps4 will have it to and something far better then that, what will xbox user say about psn now.

2. both will be bluray meaning you cant hack the new console good luck trying.

3.ps4 free online and xbox720 will still charge
4. exclusives are none existing on xbox720 you just lost destiny
5. will you continue for the same none sense games kinect pushes and 3 games you relied on which are gears, halo, forza?

6. drive club might take out forza for best racing game we just got to see.

7. xbox720 will charge and the always online feature is stupid
8. what if you cant buy used games like what is being said will xbox compete against sony this time if the playing field is even or in sony favor

10. ar the xbox720 meeting will they show new ip's ? or be the same.
3 years ago#2
i wouldn't call all of these thoughts, but keep up the good effort!
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3 years ago#3
From: kol5001 | #001
2. both will be bluray meaning you cant hack the new console good luck trying.

Ummmmm, the PS3 was hacked.
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3 years ago#4
They're not out yet....
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3 years ago#5
Jesus, boy. The English language is crying right now.
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3 years ago#6
SunDevil77 posted...
Jesus, boy. The English language is crying right now.

Being a fanboy does that to you. lol
3 years ago#7
The xbox will have more exclusives, even if it doesn't the exclusive games are just better. Killzone for example is a terribad game as was gran turismo which is why I bought a ps3 in the first place. After forza and using cars from gt4 after a 7 or so year wait was disappointing to say the least.

The only exclusive I like on ps3 is uncharted, and free online is good too although live is better, but yea not free dair doos. If ps4 has lack of exclusives like ps3 AND charges for psn, I'll only be getting the xbox. Probably could put that george foreman money towards a nice computer or something.
3 years ago#8
So many things wrong with this post, must...resist...feeding the troll...
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3 years ago#9
exclusives? haha. how many did Sony lose? let's see. off the top of my head. GTA, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear. OP. check your facts before posting.
3 years ago#10
ok sony has the most exclusives out of all systems so lets not go there sir, final fantasy was not ever only playstation final fantasy 7,8,9,10 were, metal gear soild is still is sony but they still make sub games for multiplat, why you think you didnt get MGS4, why you think at the ps4 event square enix came on stage to announce they have a new final fantasy only for ps4, why is we only getting ff versus 13, dude sony is the best ya would not of had dark souls if i was not for demon souls lol at you fanboys.
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