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RE4 or RE6

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User Info: foodeater4

4 years ago#91
Tidus6135 posted...
I should've posted a poll. This is so unanimous it's ridiculous. Is RE6 REALLY that bad? Haha. Btw, I don't mind outdated controls. I can still play the original Metal Gear Solid and not feel like it's outdated if that tells you anything.

Nah, most of it is internet crying. Its a solid game all around. Controls are great for a TPS and you can actually do a lot more movies then most TPS where its just shoot, run, shoot from cover, melee. Due to the lack of manuls in new games, I feel this games control scheme had a longer learning curve then most.

The game is not survival horror at all, theres just creepy enviornments but its mostly action. But the game does give you unlimted ammo like a Gears of War campaign or COD by any means. The game is the continued evolution of the series that started in part 4.

I would definatly give it a go one day, or try the demo at least and see if you like, it sold me and I was not disappointed at all.

User Info: Tidus6135

4 years ago#92
BBBanks03 posted...
Tidus6135 posted...
I guess that tells me enough. 4 it is.

9 pages of posts in...... TC made his decision by post #5.

Yeah, I was expecting like 10 replies at the most. I'm shocked it has this many posts.

User Info: Billy_Delicious

4 years ago#93
That's because as soon as RE6 is mentioned the hordes of haters make their utterly pointless presence be known.

RE4 is better, but I still say RE6 is worth a playthrough, good game. Ignore CV like the plague... or T-Virus.
'Jar Jar Binks is the greatest thing to happen to the Star Wars lore and you know it.'- RPG_Apostle

User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#94
BeefEaster posted...
re4 is infinitely better than 6

Exaggerate much? While four is a fine game it has it's flaws. It can at times feel like an escort mission, and we know how fun those are.

6 while not a great RE game is still a damn fine action game.
Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.
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