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Resources for region 2/PAL gaming?

#1toasteroversoldPosted 2/28/2013 5:56:42 PM
Help, please... I'm moving from the US to the UK and trying to figure out how much of my console collection I might need to (sigh) get rid of.

I'm mostly on the 360, so I'm trying my luck here. There's info here on what I need to keep my US 360 overseas, but has anybody seen a gfaqs for ex-pats, with easy to find info on what is and isn't region-free, etc? I'm checking the boards for various consoles (all NTSC) but the info is scattered all over and inconsistent.

Or can anybody answer the question: if I get a tv/monitor that does NTSC and make sure to convert voltage when needed, should I be good to use everything (and keep chipping through the multigeneration backlog)?

Finally, any Brits here who know of a good game shop in or around London? Like, mom and pop, old consoles and accessories, familiar with importing?