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Question about playing installed games off external HD

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3 years ago#1
My 120gb xbox HD is reaching full capacity and I have a 1TB external HD that I was thinking of using (I know I can only use 30gb) but I'm wondering if installed/downloaded games play well off of an external drive or is there slowdown and/or framerate issues or anything else?
3 years ago#2
You'd be running it at the speed of the USB port, so it won't be HDD speed.
Why not just clear unused data from your 120GB?
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3 years ago#3
Are there external hd or flash drives that run fast enough? Yes, clearing data is an option but most of the space is dlc content for games that I still play. This brings it back to the original question if dlc/games can be played in full quality from an external source?
3 years ago#4
It depends on the speed of the source. If you have a USB drive laying around, the best way to test it's speed is the Shank demo, if the demo runs full speed, you're good to go, if it only runs at 1 frame every 5 seconds, it's too slow.

Or you could just buy a new 320GB drive and get 2 or 3 free games.
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3 years ago#5
Load up anything you don't use too often onto the external drive.
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