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Am I Better Off Buying The 250 GB or the 4 GB Xbox 360?

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3 years ago#21
nothingbeast posted...
I have a 60G and am constantly running out of space.

But I like to install every game while I'm playing it.

I have a back-up flash drive, but I'd love a 250G. The plan was to upgrade once my current model dies (as my warranty has expired), but it's going pretty dang strong.

You could just buy the 250gb hd later if you decide you need it, 4gb slim + 250gb hdd= same price
3 years ago#22
I would actually say anyone thinking about buying a new console is better off buying the 4GB model, and then buying the 320GB HDD separately.

It typically comes out to roughly the same price (maybe $30 more), you get 70GB more capacity, and, starting this month, the 320GB HDD comes with NFS: Hot Pursuit, Ms. Splosion Man, and Pinball FX2 with Sorcerer's Lair (it previously came with a code for Lego Star Wars 3).
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3 years ago#23
you cant play halo 4 online with a four gig
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3 years ago#24
I am gonna save you some aggravation and future regret (Hopefully). Unless you're on a budget, get the 250 GB version. It's better to have enough space and not need, then not have enough and be left in need. I would go with new Batman Arkham City/Darksiders II bundle coming out (Or already out) or the Forza 4/Skyrim bundle that is already out. When I bought my Xbox 360 last year I got the Halo Reach/Fable III bundle. I also own WWE 13, and there is quite a bit of DLC content for it as well. Servers suck bad though but it's my favorite WWE title since No Mercy for the n64.
3 years ago#25
TheYummy posted...
Judging by the review you posted I have a feeling you are leaning towards the 4 gig. I really think you will be happy with your purchase no matter what. Just dont buy used or refurbished. Odds are it will break down quickly. Let me know what you plan to do as I play wwe13 as well and really enjoy it.

Good luck TC.

I bought a used, but the power supply crash.

Bought refurbished, but the HDMI port didn't work. Could not return it for full credit/another system because it was treated as a "new" purchase.

Bought a new 250g, and been cool since. Recently had to buy a separate 320g hard drive because I can't control my download habit (game content only; no demos, movies, themes, etc.).
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3 years ago#26
There's a new package out that comes with free games and a good hdd for 200$. Solid.
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