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It's amazing that Red Dead Redemption...

#1oasisbeyondPosted 3/8/2013 2:21:15 AM
Is probably the best game this gen... and there's no sequel... WTF!
I guess next gen, but I understand why Dev's don't even bother making games like this cuz it takes too much ime and money to see a profit.
#2Banana_ManaPosted 3/8/2013 2:23:07 AM
I disagree that it is the best game this gen, but it was good.

Why does it need a sequel though?

I would be happier with more standalone good games like RDR than the overload of sequels we have at the moment.
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#3triple sPosted 3/8/2013 2:28:30 AM
I would of fished the topic title by saying, "is not on PC." It's really in my top 5 this gen though.
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#4oasisbeyond(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2013 2:29:01 AM
Well... I want a sequel... I don't want one every year but maybe every 2 years. AC is pretty much dead, but Ubisoft is trying to make as much money as they can until it dies out.
You might not think it's the best... But overall for most people it is the best.
You can throw in...

Fallout 3
Tomb Raider
Uncharted 2
... The list goes on and on, but in the end. RDR will be on top of most lists.
#5oasisbeyond(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2013 2:29:52 AM
PC always loses lmao...

*Goes and plays TR on pc*
#6NemerlightPosted 3/8/2013 2:30:54 AM
What do you mean AC is dead? I thought 3 sold the most O_o
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#7troubledsocietyPosted 3/8/2013 2:33:21 AM
I like that Rockstar doesn't churn out titles left and right and have them suffer from sequelitis. Some people will obviously disagree that some of the games are good, but from all the games I've played this gen and considering all the different publishers, Rockstar has been the most consistent with quality in my opinion.
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#8moondog84Posted 3/8/2013 2:36:21 AM
I'm sure that they will make an Assassin's Creed game that takes place in the old west.
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#9oasisbeyond(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2013 2:36:28 AM
^ True... But R* makes money either way. They have well over 800 people working on games like GTA5 as we speak... No other dev team has that. They make big games that profit for years. We all know the next GTA5 will sell over 8 million easily, this is money in the bank for 4 years dev cycle. Most companies can't do this.
#10Super CreaturesPosted 3/8/2013 2:37:16 AM
Banana_Mana posted...
I would be happier with more standalone good games like RDR than the overload of sequels we have at the moment.

Guess you never heard of Red Dead Revolver, huh?
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