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toughest console you owned

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3 years ago#1
As the title says what's the toughest console you own or have owned, one which had little to no faults at all? Do you still use them?

For me its the original xbox, that thing never broke and would still run fine if I found the cables for it. I'd bet my 360 will die long before that thing gives up.

My ps2 is still going strong as well and I still play it but if I don't have a disc in the tray it won't open easily.
3 years ago#2
Atari 2600 I've had it since 79 or so, its duct taped together and still works
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3 years ago#3
Sega Megadrive/Genesis - I spilt milk over it way back in 1994, it still works, apart from the red light that comes on when it's switched on.
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3 years ago#4
PS1 and PS2.
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3 years ago#5
Probably either my old NES, or Snes. They both still work. I think back when I was little, my dad may have taken apart the NES to clean it a couple of times when it was giving me problems, but other then that they both work great. My original Gameboy works great too.
3 years ago#6
My original DS has gone through a tornado, a flood, being used at a daycare by multiple children, and the test of time.

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3 years ago#7
Atari Jaguar CD
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3 years ago#8
KtuluheroII posted...
Atari Jaguar CD

Not sure if serious....those were notorious for being busted straight out of the box.
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3 years ago#9
Snes and ps1. Both run like the day I first got them. My dc as well. Ps2, xbox, xbox360 have crapped out on me. As for which took a beating most and ran my gc. That thing had been dropped a few times and ran like a champ and probably still does for the bastard who stole my gaming collection years ago.
3 years ago#10
Sega Genesis. It's been hooked up and running for almost 20 years now. Oldest piece of hardware in the house, with the possible exception of my furnace.
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