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A Question About Xbox Live...Sort of

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3 years ago#1
May someone help me? I don't have Xbox Live however I have an Xbox Live free card. What would happen if i hook up my Xbox in the room where I could get internet service to go through the process to get Xbox Live then move it back to my room? Would I lose all the updates I've gotten or would they stay? Please and thank you. "Your gonna feel the bang!"-DDP
3 years ago#2
Anything you download will stay on your console.
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3 years ago#3
they would stay, you don't even need a Gold subscription to get access to the updates and marketplace so don't even redeem the trial if you aren't gonna play online
3 years ago#4
Not sure what you mean by "Xbox Live free card." If it's a Gold subscription card, it's kind of silly to use it if you're not going to connect your console to Live with any regularity.

That being said, I highly suggest you at least sign up for a free XBL and connect your console to the internet for a little bit so that you can download title updates for your newer games, and take advantage of any free DLC you might want. And get Aegis Wing while you're at it.
3 years ago#5
I don't plan on renewing the trial if I use the card simply because of the hassle to hook up my Xbox in another room then move it back to my room. Also I don't own any games I'd willingly play online with.

Another question if anyone knows, are NBA 2K12's servers still up. "Your gonna feel the bang!"-DDP
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