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If PS3 and PS4 gets Diablo III, then Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 should get SimCity...

#1SolnotPosted 3/13/2013 10:13:20 AM
You guys okay with that?
#2JascoDPosted 3/13/2013 10:13:53 AM
Hell yeah!!
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#3Arucard05Posted 3/13/2013 10:14:31 AM
Is that how game distribution works?
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#4Tube_of_NoobPosted 3/13/2013 10:15:08 AM
That would be nice
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#5gabriusPosted 3/13/2013 10:16:30 AM
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#6melvin343Posted 3/13/2013 10:18:41 AM
No thanks, PS3/4 can have Diablo 3 for all I care but MS needs to have Star Wars: The Old Republic for Xbox 360 and Next Xbox which should be fair since Sony is getting Diablo 3. Bioware/EA said that they were considering bringing
The Old Republic to consoles anyway so this would be a good Start for MS get those exclusive deals on games.
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#7SunDevil77Posted 3/13/2013 10:27:42 AM
Xbox 360 and the next console are most likely getting Diablo 3 as well.
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#8richboy900Posted 3/13/2013 12:01:21 PM
Well there was news about ms getting/signing an exclusive deal with ea. Hopefully its for something very good, we'll have to wait and see.
#9RedFive3Posted 3/13/2013 12:28:04 PM
The MS/EA deal is probably just DLC. I doubt EA would make games exclusive to the next Xbox..... but you never know.
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#10SolisPosted 3/13/2013 12:44:33 PM
What does one platform getting a game have to do with another platform getting a different, completely unrelated game made by an entirely different company?
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