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Any Game series you've beaten every game of?

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User Info: Cecil255

4 years ago#11
Breath of Fire.

It's the biggest series (5 games) I can think of that I've actually played every title in. (Breath of Fire I-IV + Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter) Big fan!

Very rare to say this, but generally each game managed to improve upon the preceding one. I have a big emotional attachment to BoF III, but IV is arguably a better game and while Dragon Quarter is a big departure, it's excellent in its own right.

User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#12

Considering a lot of series I've beat only have two or three entries (e.g. No More Heroes, Arkham ____, D. Souls, Portal, etc.) I won't bother listing them all.

User Info: Res5

4 years ago#13
Sly Cooper would be my answer...............until Sly 4 came out and now I gotta get that. xD

Also, almost got Kingdom Hearts. I just gotta play Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. the next best thing

User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#14
Mass Effect
Portal/Half Life
I'm this close to beating Borderlands 2.
This exchange is over.

User Info: Bent 00

Bent 00
4 years ago#15
Dead Space (except Dead Space for iPad; no iPad)
Half Life (except for the first one; PC can't run it)
Legend of Zelda (except crappy CDI games)
Super Smash Bros.

That's all I immediately recall...

User Info: trinityEDGE

4 years ago#16
JayMoney624 posted...
Kingdom Hearts

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